Legal Aid

We are proud to have been holders of an Legal Aid Agency contract for almost 20 years now and have one of the largest Immigration law contracts in the UK assisting nearly 60000 people over the last 12 years.

We are delighted to continue our commitment to access for justice.

There are clear guidelines in Immigration as to what advice can and cannot be provided using Legal Aid. If your case fits into one of these categories we may be able to provide you with advice free of charge with the Legal Aid Agency paying your fees.

In order to assess this we need to conduct further tests:

1. There is a means or financial assessment of your financial circumstances and;

2. There is a Benefits/Merits test - in other words, your case has to be assessed as being one that justifies public money being expended. If you want legal aid to cover the costs of an appeal hearing the test is even higher and your case must be assessed as having a higher than 50% chance of success.

If your case qualifies for legal aid, you will need to supply us with proof of your means and your partners means (whether you are living together or not) before we are able to start work. It is therefore very important that you bring proof of your income, capital and savings with you to the first appointment.

If you do not qualify for legal aid then we are still able to assist you and will provide you with a highly competitive fixed fee quote