PBS Introduction

The Points Based System (PBS) has been introduced by the UKBA in order to simplify the process for non-EU nationals to enter the UK in order to work or study. 

Whilst the idea of earning points means that a person can check relatively easily whether they qualify for a visa, the bureaucracy that has developed around applications means that the system is far less simple than expected. 

The key to understanding the PBS requires knowledge of the relevant rules, policies, guidance and case law. 

Failure to understand all relevant aspects of the PBS often results in an applicant who meets the rules being refused by the UKBA.  

We believe our years of experience in Immigration law generally, and more recently through numerous successful PBS applications and appeals means we are ideally placed to advise you in relation to all aspects of your visa requirements.        


The PBS is split into a number of categories and sub-categories eg Tier 1 (T1) etc