Consultant Opportunities

As part of our continued expansion we have launched a range of new opportunities for Lead Consultants to work with us under our banner and with our support, supervision and backing.

Vacancies available.

London, South East, East Anglia, South West, Wales, North West

We have already recruited our very first Consultant and firmly believe this is a fantastic opportunity for highly motivated skilled lawyers who have the ambition and ability to take charge of their working lives and take things to the "next level" all under our banner with our proven track record, method of work ,support and supervision.

We believe that the modern world involves modern structures, modern ways of working where technology can be harnessed to provide real benefits to clients and advisers alike; where the rule book is ripped up and "9-5" and a fixed office is confined to the history books!

So, what's it all about?

We are in the process of building a network of Lead consultants across the UK, all of whom are highly skilled with their own following and able to work under their own steam with our support and supervision.

You provide:

High quality legal advice!

We provide back office infrastructure namely:

  • PII Cover
  • Induction &Training in our systems
  • Supervision & file reviews
  • A generous share of Profit costs retained by you
  • Business Cards & Letterhead
  • File Archiving & Storage
  • Postal Scanning Service
  • Telephone answering service
  • IT Support
  • Lexcel compliant method of work
  • Access to the firm's case management system and intranet
  • Use of EIN and other resources
  • Complaints handling
  • Client accounting records
  • Marketing support
  • CPD online webinars & other training materials

Interested? Want to find out more? Email or ring in confidence and ask to speak to Mark Reeves.